Can a list help us Do more in a day?

Ok, I am a list maker.  I LOVE the feeling of marking things off.  It keeps me on task and makes me feel like I accomplished something.  If I don’t finish a task, I just draw an showing I have moved it to another day.  Let’s be realistic, just because I want to finish it, doesn’t mean it gets done.

Sometimes life just happens.

Once upon a time, I was a mess.  I didn’t remember anything. I drifted from one room to the next, unable to remember why I walked in there…only to find a task that I began and didn’t complete.  Distracted…again!

I was exhausted at the end of the day. All I had to show for it wee half done tasks and laundry still in the washer because I forgot to switch it over…again.

I lived my life wastefully, I wasted water and detergent because I had to rewash so many loads of clothes, I wasted time running back and forth between rooms and I wasted energy never completing anything.

Maybe you can relate; You are awesome if you can’t!

In the past, my lists were about packing for a trip or going to buy groceries.  I had never made lists about cleaning the house, I just didn’t think I should need one but clearly I did!

Mom brains are really just mush from lack of sleep and being pulled in so many directions.  It seems overwhelming to just get the meals on the table which for me often consisted of precooked chickens or frozen lasagnas.

I wanted more!

As I considered my life and how I could possibly keep on task; I realized that I needed a list of things I wanted to accomplish that day. 

So I began…

The first day I used a list I was shocked.  I had accomplished everything on the list and I was adding to it because I still had time!!  How could a list help me accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish…and more?

Turns out my to do list helps me to stay on task!  When I get distracted, I look at my list to remind myself what I am doing and what I haven’t finished yet.  It really is a lifesaver for me.

Over the years I have developed different routines and strategies that help me get all of those pesky chores done that no one really wants to do. I adapted these printables from The Flylady.  Head over there to find many more routine cleaning lists!

For example:

  1.  I have a Weekly Sabbath Cleaning list.  On Fridays, I simply write WSC on my daily to do list and I know that that is my Weekly Sabbath Cleaning List.  Once that list is done, I mark WSC off of my to do list. If your schedule is really full, you could easily break this up over a couple of days.  See also my blog post on Time Management.
  2. I also have a Morning and Evening Routine List that helps my mornings go smoothly and helps me prepare for the next day.  There is nothing better than getting up to a clean living room and kitchen that is ready to start the day!

Over the years my daily to do lists have evolved and nowadays instead of one list of to dos, it has sections.  I have my home section, my Torah in Action section but I also have a personal section and a grateful section.

My personal section ALWAYS has 2 things on it but often times has more.  What are the 2 things?  

  1. Prayer time
  2. Bible study

Nothing is more important than our date every day with the Father.  If I don’t get anything else done, its ok as long as I spend time with the Father EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I believe that you can’t have joy without gratefulness.  So every day I write down 3 things that I am grateful for.  They are on my to do list so that I can see them all day long.  To see my blog post on A Grateful Heart, about my personal journey click here.

Below are free printables of my lists that you can change to fit your needs and make them your own.  I hope you have found this post useful!


Weekly Sabbath Cleaning free printable

Morning/Evening Routine free printable

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