Welcome!  My name is Aliisa and I am the creator of The Torah in Action.

I have been a stay at home wife and mom for the last 15 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  The Father has blessed me so much by giving me the opportunity to love and care for my family.

Our family has had a lot of adventures over the years including living in Costa Rica for 5 years!  It is in those 5 years that I became the person I am today.  Costa Rica changed me in ways that I could never have imagined.  

The Father blessed me by putting me in a place where:

People love their neighbors and take care of one another.

They keep their elderly at home with them instead of putting them in homes.

They outwardly love their Creator.

Many are so poor that they live in lean-tos with dirt floors.

In this small country, I learned what it looks like to love my neighbor.  It is here that I began to ask, ” What does it look like to walk out the Word?”.

The Father brought wonderful people into my life that taught me how to open my eyes and look around at the world. I saw joy in the eyes of the poor, pain in the eyes of the wealthy, sickness in close friends and hope in the needy.  But what I really saw…was people.

I was given the opportunity to spend time with a friend at an orphanage that she ran where I was able to see what wonderful work she did.  She loved like no one I have ever known.  She truly touched my heart.  Unfortunately, she passed away but her legacy of love and commitment to those children lives on.

Another friend showed me what it was like to live in a very poor community.  Their work is with those that have very little…dirt floors, cooking over an open fire and out houses.  She gave me the opportunity to help support her in making wonder ovens for those in her community.  It was an incredible experience.

I was so blessed to support these ministries, feed the hungry, crochet hats for the babies of migrant workers that slept in the fields, and so much more.

The biggest thing I took from those 5 years was that we MUST start putting our phones down and forging relationships with those around us.  We must start DOING the Word.

How can we love our neighbor if we don’t even know our neighbor?

And thus began, The Torah in Action.

It is my desire to help others grow in their walk and learn how to put The Torah in Action in real and practical ways.  Even the smallest act of kindness can be an action.

I appreciate you joining and supporting me in this mission!  Let’s go out and put The Torah in Action!!